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Brian Moran


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Brian Moran is the President of Moran Strategies, LLC., a lobbying and consulting firm based in Richmond, Virginia. With his decades of government experience, Brian brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to businesses and associations, helping them navigate the complexities of legislative and executive agency actions.

In 2014, Brian was appointed by Governor Terry McAuliffe to serve as Virginia’s first Secretary of Public Safety and Homeland Security. Recognizing Brian’s exceptional leadership and contributions, Governor Ralph Northam reappointed him to the position in 2018. Over the course of eight years, Brian oversaw 11 state agencies and the Homeland Security division, taking on the crucial responsibility of ensuring public safety in the face of numerous threats. He played a pivotal role in coordinating Virginia’s response to various challenges, including the Covid pandemic, mental health issues, and the opioid crisis. As the chair of several state task forces, Brian spearheaded efforts to develop comprehensive strategies and policies to address these pressing issues.

Prior to his appointment to the Governor’s Cabinet, Brian began his distinguished career as a local prosecutor in Arlington County. His commitment to justice and public service led him to run for public office, and he was elected seven times to the Virginia House of Delegates. Representing the City of Alexandria and Fairfax County, Brian served in the legislature for thirteen years. During his tenure, he demonstrated exceptional leadership skills and was elected as the House Democratic Leader. Brian’s involvement in key legislative committees, such as Finance, Courts of Justice, Transportation, and Health, Welfare, and Institutions, allowed him to make a significant impact on a wide range of policy areas. He championed and sponsored legislation to promote criminal justice reform, environmental stewardship, and healthcare accessibility. Brian’s ability to bridge political divides and forge bipartisan coalitions played a crucial role in the successful passage of numerous bills.

After his tenure as a legislator, Brian took on the role of Democratic State Party Chair, further cementing his influence in Virginia’s political landscape. He chaired the Virginia delegation to the 2012 National Convention, where he delivered Virginia’s roll call electoral support to President Barack Obama.

With his extensive government experience, legislative accomplishments, and dedication to public service, Brian Moran is a respected leader and trusted advisor, providing invaluable guidance to organizations navigating the intricacies of government affairs.

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